Thunderlust (1978). Their first lineup. Their first music video.


Thunderlust sign up with Cock Rock records. The lineup
consists of Grunt McGavin on drums, and Dr Bob on bass.
Rockerteer Lust, is on lead vocals, and guitar. He is the
only member from this original lineup still in the band.

Their first album Steel Angels was described by the highly
regarded critic Rory Valentino as offensive in sound and
also sight, due to their tragic fashion sense. This led to
the infamous incident on the TV chat show “Band Lands”
during which Rockerteer, while wearing a kilt, attempted to
break wind on Valentino’s head. The prank went horribly
wrong. “It was a genuine mistake” claimed Rockerteer, in
his defence after the incident. “I didn’t realize how bad my
gastroenteritis was. Do you think I’d be so stupid as to do
shit on someone’s face while being watched by millions of
people? I was brought up better than that. And it was pretty
embarrassing for me too. I’m the real victim in this. It’s a
real pity that there isn’t any surviving video footage of the
event,” adds Rockerteer “because if you played it in slow
motion I’m sure you’d see that I was just as surprised as
Valentino when it happened”. Still to this day, fans throw
toilet paper rolls onto the stage.


Twenty years later there was a changing of the guard. McGavin and Dr Bob both left and were replaced with: Diamond Dee on drums (who was also the label manager of  Cock Rock Records) and Hammer Smith on bass. Rockerteer continued as rhythm guitarist but relinquished the lead guitar and lead vocals to two up and coming heart throbs of metal. Crow (on lead guitar) and Ricky Starr, who took over lead vocals.

Rockerteer said the motivation behind the move was simply to draw more young girls to the band. When questioned about this later he replied “It worked. Kind of. We got more groupies, it’s just that they didn’t want to sleep with me. I think it’s the whole shitting-on-someone’s-face thing coming back to haunt me. People are funny about that.”


After five months working on the songs and five years
arguing over the artwork for the album, they finally
release “Between Rock and a Hard Place”.

“It was an album of love ballads” says Rockerteer. “So I
really wanted the album art to capture that mood. And
I’m pretty damn proud of it. I also wanted to show that I
was more than just a rock star. I was a visual visionary.
In my own humble way.”

Ricky Star adds “We’d done the steel trilogy of:
Steel Angels, Sttel Warriors, and We’re Steel Here, so it
was time to cover new artistic territory, album title wise.
And I’d say Rockerteer certainly got it right. The only
argument we had with the art work was whether some
people would interpret the guitar shadow as a stool
rather than manhood. Especially after the whole
incident with Valentino. And that kind of mis-
interpretation could be a nasty one.


“We got a call out of the blue while bar-gigging in Tokyo” says Diamond Dee. “They needed us to replace a band that had pulled out of some big Japanese Music Festival, and we went in with the intention of really kicking ass. It was our biggest gig ever.

Near the end of our second song someone threw a little teddy bear onto the stage. Ricky just grabbed it and bit its head off. We could hear the girls in the audience screaming  and Rockerteer decided to give them more. He took the decapitated Teddy Bear and started dry humping it. And that’s when they shut us down. Apparently the audience was mostly pre school kids. The damn lights were so bright we could never see who we were playing to. Apparently the booking agent had got us mixed up with a group of children’s entertainers from Australia who dress the same way. It wasn’t good, and I have certainly learned that I should  read the contracts for these types of things more carefully.

Despite not getting paid, and spending a night in jail, we did manage to get a good live recording of the new song Thunder-fuck. We decided to dedicate an album to the experience and called it Mojo in Tokyo. So it wasn’t a total loss. And as label manager as well as drummer, I like to point these positives out the the rest of the band. Lift their spirits and stuff. Rockerrteer however, still insists on keeping the polo shirts as part of our image. He’s the one who started the band, and I guess that’s why no one feels confident in questioning how certain things should be interpreted and handled. Guess that’s just the way it is. Or as they say in Japan “Zats joost za way it iso”.


Thunderlust releases the album Steel
. “We were getting the feeling
that Cock Rock Records were losing
faith in us.” says Rockerteer. “When the
CEO (Charlie Ed Cook) told me that we
were sounding pretty shitty, well, let’s
just say I think I’m pretty good at reading
between the lines. Plus, Charlie got his
twelve year old niece to shoot and design
our album cover. It seemed like a vote of
no confidence to me. It’s sad. even though
I’m 49 years old, I feel like I’m just
starting to mature. I’m warming up.

And when I mentioned to Charlie that I
want to explore controversial politics in
our next album; Charlie hit the roof. I
explained that heavy metal was always
the opera of popular music, and so the
realm of melodramatic things such as
politics were perfect for it. He told me
that I was insane and that I should go
fuck myself. And that’s when I knew I
was onto something interesting. When
it gets a reaction like that, you’re getting warm to the mojo idea. And mojo is my business”.


Thunderlust finishes their new album The Middle Beast. It includes two songs that explore politics within the Middle East and they decide to shoot their music video in its very centre. Jordan. Our management are still paranoid about the whole  idea. But it just feels right. Politics is both sexy and dirty. And that’s the territory that Thunderlust specializes in. That’s my front yard. So hello ladies. It’s time to rock.